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This game was developed at RMIT during 2016.2. We, Amanda Chagas and Rafael Lobo, worked together through the weeks on the course Game Design Studio 4 where we had to present one game a week. WormVsHuman was developed on Week07 under the theme: Asymmetrical Multiplayer.

This is a two-players game where the goal is to survive. The only way for the Worm to survive is by attacking specific organs of the Human. On the other hand, the only way for the Human survive is by preventing the Worm attacks. Neither player can see the other screen, so they need to work with the information on their respective screens.

Install instructions

The file available to download is the project build compressed. So, you just need to use a .rar or a .zip software reader to have access to the executable file.

Please, read the .txt called "readme" to experience the best of the game.


WormVsHuman-AssymetricalMultiplayer.rar 31 MB

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